Parents: please email Principal Jeremy Freedman—before the Sunday of an absence—if you know your child will be out. Students are engaged in group and collaborative projects and are relying on their peers. It is also helpful for the teachers to know about absences beforehand. In addition, please inform Jeremy and the teacher when you are removing your child from class early. There have been times in the past when we have been looking for a child who had left early with a parent.

Here is the Homework that was assigned on February 19. Unless otherwise noted, it will be due on February 26.

Beginner (Level 2) Hebrew - write 5 Hebrew letters in a large sized font and make funny creatures from them.  Review all your letters.

Intermediate Hebrew - none

Advanced Hebrew - review the letters.

Graduate Class - Students have been assigned to research and present the following on Biblical Heroes:  Maya - Samson, Alex - Deborah, and Robin  - Jonah. Skyler and Annaliese have already presented on Joshua, and Ruth and Naomi.  Work with your parents on your group's Mitzvah project.  Get a name of a child to remember from the "Remember Us" website.  Bring in "Internet accessing devices".  Mitzvah Project - contact local homeless shelters to see if they would like book donations.  if they do not, ask if they would like "I Care" Kits filled with items such as combs, tooth brushes, soap, etc.  Graduation Speeches - you will receive a schedule for when research and drafts are do.

Level One: none

Level Two: none

Level Three: Read up to Chapter 5 in Joseph's Wardrobe

Level Four: read handouts on Jerusalem's history.  Finish reading Maus II. Research and write down 10 less known facts about Purim.