Parents: please email Principal Jeremy Freedman—before the Sunday of an absence—if you know your child will be out. Students are engaged in group and collaborative projects and are relying on their peers. It is also helpful for the teachers to know about absences beforehand. In addition, please inform Jeremy and the teacher when you are removing your child from class early. There have been times in the past when we have been looking for a child who had left early with a parent.

Here is the Homework that was assigned on October 15. Unless otherwise noted, it will be due on October 22.

Beginner (Level 1/2) Hebrew - review the Hebrew letters that you learned

Catch-Up Hebrew - write 10 times each of the letters we learned in class

Intermediate Hebrew - study for a quiz on "Colors"

Advanced Hebrew - study for a quiz on the first half of the Hebrew alphabet (alef to kaf)  

Level One/Two: fill in the blanks of the "39th Grandmother"

Level Three: Summarize our second adventure in The 10th of Av                             

Level Four:  Literature - finish reading chapter 5 of Zayde Was a Cowboy;  Social studies - respond to the following question in a few sentences - How will the newly established country (USA) impact the way Jews will live going forward?