Parents: please email Principal Jeremy Freedman—before the Sunday of an absence—if you know your child will be out. Students are engaged in group and collaborative projects and are relying on their peers. It is also helpful for the teachers to know about absences beforehand. In addition, please inform Jeremy and the teacher when you are removing your child from class early. There have been times in the past when we have been looking for a child who had left early with a parent.

Here is the Homework that was assigned on December 10. Unless otherwise noted, it will be due on December 17.

Bring in your U.N.I.C.E.F money.

Beginner (Level 1/2) Hebrew - review your letters

Catch-Up Hebrew - none

Intermediate Hebrew - study new words

Advanced Hebrew - none

Level One/Two: none

Level Three: wear your best Rapper get up! Get ready to perform!           

Level Four:  If you haven't yet, watch the movie, Fiddler On The Roof with your parents and focus on the following questions.  (You may want to write down some of your ideas):  1.  What does the song, Tradition, have to do with Jewish Life in the old country?  2.  Describe life in the Shtetl.  3.  How did these "traditions" help Tevye get through life?  4.  How did the marriages of Tevye's daughters affect his life?  How did he respond/react to each marriage?  5.  At the end of the movie, some Jews moved to another town, some moved to Palestine, and some moved to America.  React to these migrations; were they brave, foolish, smart, etc.  Would you have been scared if it was your family?  What would your family have done?  Be prepared to Explain.  Discuss the movie with your family. ALSO, study the skit.